Morning Must Reads: Magic

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Attorney General Richard Blumenthal reacts as former CEO Linda McMahon answers a question as they participated in debate for the U.S. Senate on October 4, 2010 in Hartford, Connecticut. (Photo by Richard Messina-Pool/Getty Images)

–Democrats have made some gains in the latest ABC News/Washington Post generic ballot, but they’re still behind. Using a likely voter model, Gallup’s latest tracking numbers (which have had some recent outliers) show some figures that should be bone-chilling for Democrats.

–Nate Silver makes the case that a credible third-party presidential bid in 2012 is more than mere fantasy.

–With the NFL season just heating up, Russ Feingold brilliantly employs the Vikings card in Wisconsin:

If you don’t recognize the clip, it’s Randy Moss pretending to moon the Packers faithful at Lambeau in 2005.

–That magical Christine O’Donnell spot Alex flags was crafted by none other than Republican ad arch-wizard Fred Davis.

–Connecticut’s Dick Blumenthal and Linda McMahon bloody each other over integrity in their first Senate debate.

–Justice Kagan makes her debut.

–So does Parker/Spitzer.

–Stan Collender sees budget gridlock fast approaching.

–Jon Cohn makes the case for waste.

–Arthur Laffer is fine with soak the rich taxes, but only if they’re voluntary.

–While Donald Trump pretends to flirt with a presidential bid, Chris Christie, whom many Republicans would actually like to see on a ticket one day, says, “No chance. No way. No how. Door’s closed.”

–Walter Mondale urges Obama to ditch the “idiot boards.”

–And the words “Bozo Truther” (in reference to the clown) make it to the pages of The New York Times.

What did I miss?

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