Afternoon Reads

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Pete Rouse will take over for the departing Rahm Emanuel, and according to the New York Times, it’s not an interim appointment. President Obama is expected to make the announcements this afternoon.

–The Atlantic’s Nicole Allan fact-checks an attack ad from West Virginia Republican John Raese, who has gained ground rapidly in a Senate race that was originally seen as Joe Manchin’s to lose.

–Democratic Rep. Henry Waxman’s efforts to forge a bipartisan Net neutrality bill were for naught. I wrote about how political posturing has engulfed the issue a few weeks back.

–Writing on Twitter, Joe Miller measures the drapes–and rather prematurely, at that. (It’s not the first time he’s regretted a tweet.)

–Adam posted a link to our dead-tree cover story on the militia movement, but it’s worth checking out the online photo gallery as well. (Incidentally, the photographer, Ty Cacek, is only 19.) also has a look at the Hermit Kingdom stagecraft for Kim Jong Un’s anointment.

–And if you want the unexpurgated version of Woodward’s latest, “Obama’s Wars”–complete with a fire-breathing president and cat-slinging generals–the always creative folks at Next Media Animation are here to help.