Morning Must Reads: Resigned

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–Dick Durbin sounds resigned to deal on the Bush tax cut extensions. Joe Lieberman sets the goal posts for Democrats’ negotiations.

–Karen Tumulty illustrates the post-Citizens United era.

–Woodward thinks Obama owns the Afghanistan strategy, inside his administration and out.

–Precarious Mideast peace talks make it through the expiration of the Israeli settlement freeze.

–Josh Rogin gives the state-of-play of Sino-American relations.

–Bob McDonnell contritely revisits his omission of slavery from Confederate History Month.

–The John Thune 2012 trial balloon flies in the Weekly Standard.

–Noam Schieber profiles a seemingly tired and homesick David Axelrod.

–Kendrick Meek is busy trying to convince people he can win Florida’s Senate race. Charlie Crist’s supporters pretend to wistfully make the case that he can’t.

–Paul Volcker goes off his notes and gives a scorched earth assessment of the financial sector.

–Vegetables: The Obama administration prepares to push for an easier path to Internet wire-tapping.

–Side dish: “30 days through Muslim America.”

–Dessert: Christine O’Donnell gets the SNL treatment.

What did I miss?

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