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Election Road Trip, Day 21: Resurrection!

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Napa, California

Traveling Companion: none

Event: the ipod returns

Not one to quit easily–and totally bored by the commercial radio I’d been listening to (with the exception of the Eminem/Rihanna song, which is great)–I decided to give the ipod a bone marrow transplant. I let it run completely out of juice (didn’t have much choice, since it was frozen and presumed dead), then recharged it…and voila! The little sucker was back in action, and not a moment too soon. It added to my California exhilaration as I drove across the central valley, a miracle of irrigated fecundity, toward the western fringe of iridescent golden hills, furred with grass, set against a baby blue sky. You forget how majestic California is. I was loopy with joy, and so was the ipod, freed from its cryogenic fate. It was in a triumphantly funky mood:

1. Miss Maybelle–R.L. Burnside (“let me be your hopping frog”)

2. Cut Chemist Suite–Ozomatli (the world’s greatest Latino/hip-hop fusion band and an L.A. product)

3. My Generation–Patti Smith (an appropriately anarchic and over-the-top cover)

4. Skin Tight–Walter Wolfman Washington (classic big band blues by the pride of New Orleans)

5. You Said A Bad Word–Joe Tex (off-the-funkometer-charts, just ecstatic)

Phew.. Now I’m ready for the last few days of the trip.

This post is part of my Election Road Trip 2010 project. To track my location across the country, and read all my road trip posts, click here.