Murkowski’s (Last?) Stand

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I interviewed Lisa Murkowski yesterday about her write in bid to keep her Senate seat. Honestly, before the interview I thought she had little chance of winning. But she’s pretty persuasive. I still think it’s a huge long shot but I wouldn’t totally write her off. Today, I went to watch Joe Miller campaign with Governor Sean Parnell in Wasilla. The unbelievable 50+ mph winds that made driving there across the Knik River plains downright scary, forced the event inside to Wasilla’s sports complex (yes, that complex). Miller gave a similar 5-minute speech to the one I saw him deliver on Monday. The crowd of 100 was mostly true believers and Miller was the keynote, making me think the event was more to help Parnell than Miller. Which made me wonder: when will Miller start reaching out to the middle? Or does he feel he doesn’t need to make that classic general campaign-pivot to the center to appeal to moderates and independents? If he cedes that ground, Murkowski could become a real threat.