Morning Must Reads: Futility

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White House

White House/Pete Souza

–The White House prepares to go big for the midterms, denies weighing anti-Tea line. Dave Weigel points out that the line already exists.

–Ben Smith sees mixed signals in Palin’s foray into Iowa. Halperin says she’s playing chess. Walter Schapiro tries to suss out the primary math. Jennifer Rubin distills the futility of trying to divine the view from Wasilla.

–Dan Balz writes that the whole field is opaque.

Fiscal issues and Islam seemed to supplant some of the more tradition topics at this year’s Values Voter Summit conservative confab. After a rousing speech, 2012 darkhorse Rep. Mike Pence won the straw polls for president and vice president.

–Nate Silver thinks Lisa Murkowski can win her write-in bid on the Last Frontier.

–The Fed will weigh further monetary action to boost the economy, Chapter 436. Tyler Cowen, writing in the New York Times, bemoans the “deficit of optimism” and says the central bank could provide an inflationary incentive for consumers to spend (if only anyone would believe it.)

–Jeffrey Toobin on why Justice Breyer will play a key role in the legal challenges to Obama’s enacted agenda.

–Eric Cantor says Republicans are prepared to go to the mattresses on the Bush tax cuts.

–The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee airs against O’Donnell:

–The AFL-CIO mails a one-word question.

–This weekend in politics and religion: some dabbled in witchcraft while others dabbled in churchgoing. Somehow, the nation goes on.

–And Asian computer animators unleash their creativity on Delaware:

What did I miss?

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