How Crazy Is 2010? Two Bits Says Someone Polls On Masturbation

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Here is the long lost, oft referred to, MTV appearance by Delaware’s Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate Christine O’Donnell in a documentary called “Sex In The 90s,” via MSNBC and TPM.

A few weeks back, Slate’s Dave Weigel asked O’Donnell about whether or not her abstinence promoting past was an issue in her current election. She answered by attacking her then opponent, Mike Castle.

“Oh, my goodness, he wants to make an issue out of that?” said O’Donnell. “That’s a good way of insulting his Christian base, don’t you think? And who’s going to get out his vote? The pro-cap-and-trade Republicans? The pro-big spending Republicans? The pro-human experimentation Republicans?”