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Election Road Trip, Day 9: More Road Songs

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Arlington Heights, Ill.

I’ve been doing more talking than listening the past few days, what with Rodney Crowell and Jim Pinkerton as traveling companions…if these Refrigerator walls could talk, they’d tell you some great tales about Rodney’s former father-in-law Johnny Cash and you’d hear a startling disquisition from Pinkerton on what Alexander Hamilton and Hillaire Belloc have in common. But I did take a long drive from Detroit to Chicago, and these were some of the songs that popped up on my ipod, so here goes:

1. Ain’t Got You–Solomon Burke (a fabulous Springsteen cover)

2. Howlin’ for You–the Black Keys

3. Bleeding Heart–Jimi Hendrix

4. Angelyne–The Jayhawks

5. My Name is Luca–Suzanne Vega (this song, and this singer, is a miracle)

This post is part of my Election Road Trip 2010 project. To track my location across the country, and read all my road trip posts, click here.