Primary Round-Up: A Tea Party Triumph (Or Two) Is a Win For Dems

Updated, 7:25 a.m.

Tea Party activists on Tuesday punctuated a primary season with no shortage of surprises by delivering their sharpest blow yet to the Republican establishment. In the race for the party’s Senate nomination in Delaware—one of seven states (plus the nation’s capital) where voters headed to the polls in the last …

In the Arena In the Arena

Election Road Trip, Day 9: Bye, Pink

Arlington Heights, Ill

Event: Dropping Jim Pinkerton off at the train

Gotta say, it’s always an adventure to spend 24-hours with Jim Pinkerton. I’ve known him for 23 years now and he has one of the least predictable, and best, minds in the political universe. When I first met him, he was a realistic libertarian: “Even the …

In the Arena In the Arena

Election Road Trip, Day 9: More Road Songs

Arlington Heights, Ill.

I’ve been doing more talking than listening the past few days, what with Rodney Crowell and Jim Pinkerton as traveling companions…if these Refrigerator walls could talk, they’d tell you some great tales about Rodney’s former father-in-law Johnny Cash and you’d hear a startling disquisition from Pinkerton on …

Blame the Messenger

Former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson joins Hillary Clinton and the chorus blaming the media for Rev. Terry Jones today, arguing that by covering the would-be Koran desecrator we enabled the creation of “something new, something that will be studied for generations: the propaganda of the idiotic gesture.”

On the contrary, the …

In the Arena In the Arena

Election Road Trip, Day 9: $8 Buffalo Meat

Arlington Heights, Ill.

Traveling Companion: Jim Pinkerton

Event: Actually, this happened a few days ago in Detroit.

I’ve been thinking about a story I was told over breakfast in Detroit on Saturday–a monologue, almost–by Mark Kirkwood, who works at Statewide Disaster Restoration, a company that rebuilds homes and …

In the Arena In the Arena

Election Road Trip, Day 9: Hubdizzle Votes

Sharon, Wisconsin

Traveling Companion: Jim Pinkerton

Event: Raymond Hubbard Casts A Vote

We’re standing at the Sharon, Wisconsin, town hall, which is essentially a garage plopped in the middle of cornfields. It’s about 8:30 am, blue sky, no tears. This is where the metropolis of Sharon votes–and we’re waiting for one …

The Cult of Outrage

Wise words from Ezra Klein:

It’s not that there is no argument too crazy to be obsessed over by liberals, but that there’s no crazy argument liberals won’t obsess over. They’ll totally ignore plenty of arguments that aren’t that crazy. And so too will conservatives. But the crazy stuff is fun to write about, or put on television. It

Welcome to Swampland, Massimo Calabresi

Allow me to introduce the newest addition to our ever-growing Swampland team, Massimo Calabresi.

A Washington Correspondent for TIME since 1999, Massimo has done stints covering the State, Treasury and Justice Departments, the CIA, the White House and Congress. Prior to that he served as Central Europe Bureau Chief during the Balkan …

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