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Road Trip!

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It occurred to me that I’ve spent more time in Afghanistan during the past two years than out in America. And while the foreign part of my portfolio has been endlessly fascinating, it’s time to refurbish the domestic side. Therefore, I hereby announce: I’m hitting the road for the month of September in some sort of SUV (a hybrid, I hope). I’ll be bringing along some occasional traveling companions–but I’m looking to meet some interesting people on the road and I’d like you to help with that. (A number of people saw me announce the trip on the Chris Matthews show over the weekend and already have graciously offered food and drink and conversation–I’m open to that!)

A good part of the trip will be checking in on some of the hot C0ngressional races across the country. But I’d also like to spend a good chunk of time talking to the sort of people who don’t go to rallies–not just Glenn Beck fiestas, but political meetings of any sort. So I’m putting out an APB: Who are the most interesting people you know? Who are the most respected folks in your community? They don’t have to be political people–in fact, I’d prefer that they aren’t: ministers, insurance brokers, cops and firemen, newspaper editors. I want to talk to people that political reporters often miss.

Here’s the schedule, which is vague, and may slip a bit, because…you can’t micro-manage a road trip, can you?

Pennsylvania–September 6-8


Michigan–11-12 (I may try to get up to Detroit by Friday the 10th for an end of Ramadan Eid dinner)









If you know someone you think I should meet, email me at Obviously, I won’t be able to meet all, or even most, of your nominees. Maybe a few, though. This should be fun!