Morning Must Reads: Double Dipping

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–As Jay noted, some of the nastiest primary fights of the season will come to a close today as voters in Florida, Vermont, Oklahoma, Arizona and Alaska head to the polls.

–Minority Leader Jon Boehner is delivering what’s billed as a “major address” on the economy this morning in Cleveland. On the menu: calls to extend the Bush tax cuts, cut spending and — a new one — fire Obama’s economic advisers. The White House prebuts.

–The Fed is divided on taking action on the stalled recovery.

–FDIC’s Sheila Bair talks up Basel.

–Matt Cooper departs the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission for National Journal. The FCIC’s report is due out in December.

–Jimmy Carter is leading the latest ex-presidential rescue mission to North Korea.

–Didn’t get to it yesterday, but Jane Mayer’s opus on the Koch brothers is well worth a read. Ira Stoll takes issue with the “covert” characterization.

–A federal judge grants a temporary injunction on federal funding of stem cell research.

–Dave Weigel sees a “liberaltarian” purge at Cato. Ilya Somin doesn’t.

–And Merle Hazard goes double dippin’:

What did I miss?

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