Morning Must Reads: Perception is Everything

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White House

–Israelis and Palestinians will talk.

–Joe Donnelly puts Nancy Pelosi in another ad.

–The DNC still puts W. in its ads.

–Jeb thinks that’s lame.

–Charlie Cook says the House will flip.

–Bill Clinton will have to save ’em all.

–Health care messaging gets retooled. (Here’s why.)

–Maes won’t go.

–The DSCC buys time.

–Obama’s cross country travel netted $4 million.

–The White House insists it was all about the economy.

–Franklin Graham thinks the president was born a Muslim.

–Jeffrey Goldberg unearths a shocking truth on that front.

–Matt Yglesias points out people believe all kinds of things.

–A Filipino politician promises nothing.

–And an honest-to-goodness AP lede from Florida:

The level of political discourse in the Democratic Senate primary boils down to: Your celebrity friends are low lifes. Response: So’s your mom.

What did I miss?
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