Morning Must Reads: Liabilities

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White House

–The Washington Post profiles Elizabeth Warren. The timing may be good.

–Our colleague Michael Grunwald explores why Fed Chair Bernanke doesn’t have his foot on the monetary policy gas pedal.

–Worth re-posting: Scherer makes very good points about the Rangel case and Congress’s modus operandi.

–Carl Hulse writes porking power has become a liability.

–Newly minted GOP Senate nominee Ken Buck resists labels, distances himself from Rand Paul and Sharron Angle.

–His gubernatorial counterpart is getting the cold shoulder from Colorado Republicans.

–Dave Weigel pushes back against the narrative that the Angle-Paul-Buck dynamic is problematic for Republicans.

–Louisiana Senate candidate Charlie Melancon, way down in the polls, goes after David Vitter over his “serious sin”:

–Republicans quickly fall upon the Rangel birthday party tape.

–Mike Huckabee tries to claim credit for Nathan Deal’s win in Georgia.

–And Second City lampoons Ben Quayle.

What did I miss?

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