Morning Must Reads: Crunching the Numbers

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White House

–The Obama administration sends $3 billion to jobless homeowners.

–There may be more of them this week than last; new unemployment filings hit a near six-month high.

–GM posts its best quarterly profit since 2004 as the automaker prepares to take its stock public. The federal government — and by extension you, dear taxpayer — hold a 61% share.

–Pessimism rules in the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll and Americans have increasingly soured on both parties; Just 33 percent hold positive views of the Democratic party and only 24 percent feel good about the GOP. President Obama’s approval rating is holding in the mid-to-upper 40s; it seems more and more likely that this is his floor.

–It doesn’t look like the recovery will be fueled by exports afterall.

–Felix Salmon takes a crack at explaining Wall Street’s bad Wednesday. As he’s been arguing for some time now, market volatility may be the new normal.

–The Wall Street Journal says Chris Dodd is “waging a one-man campaign” against nominating Elizabeth Warren to head the newly created Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

–The Washington Post and L.A. Times look into OneUnited, the bank at the center of Rep. Maxine Waters’ ethics case.

–Despite his own ethics woes, Charlie Rangel can still throw a party.

–Jeff Darcy of the Cleveland Plain Dealer has a suggestion for how he might make an exit.

–Jonathan Alter thinks Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Boehner should debate.

–And President Kucinich responds to Gibbs’ “professional left” remarks.

What did I miss?

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