Bill Clinton Re-Emerges in Colorado

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After a much ballyhooed endorsement e-mail for Andrew Romanoff in June, Former President Clinton went dark in Colorado’s contested Democratic Senate primary: no more e-mails, no campaign events, no fundraisers, nada. The initial gesture was assumed to be simple reciprocity for Romanoff’s support of Hillary Clinton in ’08 and Clinton’s own spokesman said 42 wouldn’t be making any more overtures to Centennial State voters before next Tuesday’s contest. But now, in the 11th hour, Clinton is lending his voice to a get-out-the-vote robocall on Romanoff’s behalf:

Calls and endorsements don’t move the needle much, but the margin of Obama-backed incumbent Michael Bennet’s lead over Romanoff has become razor thin in recent weeks and the trend line has been moving in the challenger’s direction:

Romanoff’s campaign says the call will go out to every eligible voter who has yet to submit a ballot — as of Friday, about 245,000 of the state’s 817,000+ active registered Democrats had mailed in their votes according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office. That leaves plenty of room for the Dems’ favorite surrogate to work with.

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