Afternoon Miscellany

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–The ethics subcommittee probing into Rep. Charlie Rangel’s alleged misdeeds recommended he receive a reprimand, which would be a relatively mild sanction.

–The economy grew at a 2.4% annual rate during the second quarter, which ended June 30. That’s down from Q1’s revised rate of 3.7%, according to the Commerce Department, and worse than prognosticators had forecast. According to one economist, the sharp slowdown signifies “the post-Recession rebound is history.”

–On the heels of last night’s argument on the House floor, Reps. Anthony Weiner and Peter King–both fighting out of the Empire State–go another round during an appearance on Fox News.

–The Washington Post profiles Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli.

–A New York Times editorial hammers Obama for breaking a promise to scale back surveillance abuses.

–The Republian Senate primary in Kansas has devolved into a battle over who would be a louder voice of opposition to the Democrats. As one Tea Party activist puts it, “you can’t get as much as a cigarette paper between the two of them” when it comes to policy. The winner should coast in a general election to replace Sen. Sam Brownback, who’s running for governor.

–If you missed the Economist’s piece on the sad state of the U.S. justice system, it’s worth going back for a look.

–And reporters traveling with the President to Michigan this morning got to witness a rare sight: the Commander-in-Chief behind the wheel. According to pool reporter Margaret Talev, Obama–who was touring a GM plant in Detroit–hopped into a black Chevy Volt and “haltingly drove perhaps 10 feet at a crawling speed. ‘Pretty smooth,’ he concluded.'”