Morning Must Reads: Unfinished Business

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White House

–Congressional leaders from both parties are meeting today with President Obama. There’s no official agenda, but they’ll probably discuss what needs to get done before the August recess.

–The House is poised for a vote on the war supplemental. The WikiLeaks doc dump may muddy the waters.

–The DISCLOSE Act, a campaign finance transparency measure intended to push back on the Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court ruling, is set for a procedural vote today in the Senate. Its chances don’t look good.

–Conservative Senator Sam Brownback offers a pretty good example of how energy legislation often comes down to local interests. He’s supporting the renewable energy standard in the Democrats’ scaled down bill. (He hails from wind-swept Kansas.)

–David Brooks puts on his “liberal” jacket and feels pretty good about the last two years (and the next six.)

–Stan Collender is not feeling so good about the prospects for a deficit reduction consensus after November.

–The National Republican Senatorial Committee calls in the cavalry for Sharron Angle and Carly Fiorina.

–Ongoing talks on international banking regulation have taken a step forward. Negotiators in Basel, Switzerland have reached a deal on some of the key details for a framework to set capital requirements, the ratio of debt to assets banks would be allowed to carry. Agreeing to how the quality of different assets will be defined and the timeframe in which big changes such as lending limits or capital surcharges will be phased in is key to hammering out a final proposal before November’s G20 meeting in Seoul. Once new rules are agreed to, the new U.S. financial reform law authorizes regulators to enforce them without re-approval from Congress.

–How to take the “British” out of “British Petroleum.” (Well, it was already just BP, but you get my drift.)

–And Colorado Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff takes dedication to a new level, selling his house to fund his campaign. “I’m never home anyway,” he says.

What did I miss?

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