Morning Must Reads: On the Scene

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White House

–In a show of solidarity, the Obamas will vacation on the Gulf Coast.

–Karen Tumulty writes the White House has skirted racial dialogue at times.

–Virginia Senator Jim Webb dives in head first with an op-ed on “the Myth of White Privilege” in the Wall Street Journal.

–Federal climate legislation is deader than dead for the foreseeable future. Reid didn’t have the votes for a utilities only carbon cap, even if packaged with alternative energy incentives (that could be sold as jobs) and an oil spill response. After stimulus, health care and financial re-reg, it looks like the 111th Congress met its match. As Joe points out, the EPA may still take unilateral action and states could pass their own laws, but the former would change with every administration and the latter doesn’t work for international coordination.

–The Senate sent the war supplemental back to the House sans domestic goodies.

–Geithner defends the administration’s stance on the Bush tax cuts.

–While she’s not leaving ’em wanting more, Sharron Angle is turning Harry Reid’s “No One Can Do More” line against him:

–Tom Tancredo threatens to split the Republican vote in Colorado’s governors race.

–Marc Ambinder sees RNC drama threatening chances of a GOP led House.

–And for being unofficial, this “Alvin Greene is On the Scene” rap is remarkably on message. (Well maybe not “college chicks” and random LeBron footage, but still.) Time for me to take his message to heart and “get back to work.”

What did I miss?

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