Afternoon Miscellany

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–With Arizona’s new immigration law set to take effect July 29, its targets are getting out of Dodge.

–The chief electrician aboard the Deepwater Horizon testified today that the rig’s fire alarm was partly disabled the night of the explosion.

–You should check out these photographs taken aboard the drilling rigs attempting to repair the well.

–Megan McArdle makes the case against Elizabeth Warren’s scholarship.

–To decrease the chances of another Hudson River splash landing, New York is taking the radical step of killing two thirds of its Canada geese.

–If you missed it when it was originally published, this is the week to read Slate’s profile of Andrew Breitbart.

–Chris Cilizza handicaps the statehouses most likely to change hands this fall.

Mark Williams steps off the Tea Party Express.

–And Adam mentioned Sharron Angle’s media dodge this morning, but words don’t do justice to the video footage.