Morning Must Reads: Special

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White House

–Soon-to-be interim Senator Carte Goodwin is getting seated today, just before the vote to extend unemployment benefits. With his support it’s expected to pass.

–West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin is getting his special election to permanently fill the seat this year. He’s expected to announce his intentions later in the day.

–Georgia voters head to the polls for some primary voting. Of interest: the tight (and late-changing) GOP gubernatorial race between Nathan Deal, John Oxendine and Karen Handel. Nate Silver cues up the day.

–British PM David Cameron is in town for a new round of “special relationship” building. BP is casting a bit of a shadow over the visit.

–Charlie Crist sets up Florida’s Republican legislature as a foil on offshore drilling.

–As Joe notes, The New York Timesprofile of new CENTCOM commander Jim Mattis is well worth a read.

–Pollsters: Glen Borger argues Democrats suffer from a weak midterm narrative, Tom Jensen writes the enthusiasm gap may not be such a big deal.

–Stuart Rothenberg takes down that “Sky Isn’t Falling” DNC memo.

–David Frum has an excellent column on political strategy and the source of presidential popularity. The short version: Consistency is good when it comes to the former, prosperity is ultimately what matters for the latter.

–Neil Irwin breaks down the case for and against Elizabeth Warren to head up the new Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

–Midweek pickmeup: Seven reasons we might not be facing a double dip recession.

This is how the White House repairs strained relations with House Dems.

–California governor race update: Jerry Brown works the free media as Meg Whitman does battle with a nurses union.

–This somewhat antiquated campaign website has a section called “Why the giraffe?” I’m pretty sure 4. and 5. aren’t true.

–And Russia’s latest diabolical spy scheme.

What did I miss?

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