Morning Must Reads: Advice

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Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

–BP’s cap appears to be working. But no one is high-fiving just yet.

–Ben Nelson comes out in opposition to a utilities-only carbon cap. That’s one less vote for the Dems’ scaled back energy bill.

–Alan Greenspan says Congress should let the Bush tax cuts expire in January. Pete Davis is floored, Edmund Andrews thinks it’s a curveball.

–West Virginia Governor Joe Manchin is expected to name an interim replacement for the late Senator Byrd today; he or she will be seated Tuesday.

–Arlen Specter angles for an administration job.

–Charles Krauthammer warns of Obama as Super Anti-Reagan.

–Goldman settled with the SEC. Conspiracy theorists (and Daniel Indiviglio) will note the case went public the week financial reform debate heated up and was settled the day Congress finished work on the bill.

–A few things I neglected to mention in my financial reform wrap-up: How the politics shake out will be interesting. Both Democrats, who are promising the world, and Republicans, who are promising repeal, are totally convinced they’ve come down on the right side of this one. And a potentially crucial detail: Assistant Treasury secretary Mike Barr tells Felix Salmon the authority to implement international financial rules currently being debated in Switzerland without additional approval from Congress was written into the bill.

–Mitch McConnell finds his groove.

–Barbara Boxer has 18 times more money than Carly Fiorina.

–Bob McDonnell’s PAC quietly raised $721,000 last quarter.

–And at George Stephanopoulos’ request, the Old Spice spokesman gives some sage advice to President Obama:

What did I miss?

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