In the Arena

Ad Fodder

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Well, we’re finally entering the hot zone for campaign 2010…the general election ads will start going up soon and then the terrain may begin to change–since ads grow more and more important with each passing newspaper. The Republicans have gotten a free ride on their naysaying so far. But that is about to change–in part, because they keep saying vastly impolitic things, like Senator Jon Kyl excoriating the unemployed for laziness on–where else?–Fox news, but remaining adamantly opposed to ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

And then there’s this: Poor Eric Cantor, who was pasted to your tv screen in opposition to the Obama stimulus package, isĀ hosting a job fair in his district…where many of the jobs available are the result of, yes, stimulus funds. This is the kind of goof that can easily be translated into a dynamite ad and will be, no doubt, in district after district this fall. The Republicans will gain seats undoubtedly, and perhaps dozens of them–but this year, as opposed to 1994, the Democrats understand the hole they’re in and will be armed for the fight come November.