Morning Must Reads: Crossover

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White House

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

–The National Governors Association’s annual meeting kicks off today in Boston.

–Tim Pawlenty will attend before heading to New Hampshire. MPR examines at his Granite State game.

–Nate Silver looks at West Virginia’s special election and how Gov. Manchin might tip the scales.

–Michael Gerson warns Republicans that a midterm wave carries its own perils.

–Obama tests his midterm message.

–A Massachusetts District Court finds the Defense of Marriage Act’s definition of the union unconstitutional.

–Senator Chuck Grassley says he’s “very concerned” by the pay-for in financial reform, which of course was dreamt up in wake of fellow fence-sitter Scott Brown’s objections. Democrats don’t absolutely need Grassley to get to 60, but it would be tight without him.

–Harry Reid and Sharron Angle are both out with brutal TV spots hammering home their respective messages on jobs:

–LeBron crossover, made-you-click headline of the day: Joshua Green on “How LeBron’s Move Helps the Tea Party.”

–LeBron crossover, maybe-stretching-it-bit analysis of the day: Marc Ambinder on “8 Political Lessons From LeBron’s Decision.”

–LeBron crossover, definitely-stretching-it tie-in of the day: Ezra Klein on LeBron and the SEC.

–LeBron crossover editorial cartoon of the day: Jeffy Darcy of the Plain Dealer on Michael Steele (click to enlarge):

What did I miss?

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