Morning Must Reads: Angst

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White House

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

–The Fed, spooked by a floundering recovery, weighs growth measures.

Karl Rove tells Republicans they need a positive economic agenda, suggests fighting to retain Bush tax cuts.

Matt Bai writes Obama is relatively well positioned to make progress on the deficit, but he’ll need a broad coalition.

David Wessel looks at the schism between the president and big business.

–Palin dabbles in self-branding and what looks like campaign video.

–Meg Whitman continues to run against Arizona and Prop 187.

–Obama sees hope in Israel, still misses anonymity.

–The right chides him over Berwick.

–Eric Alterman pens 17,000 words on liberal angst.

–Politicians just don’t get it.

–And I’m with Governor Paterson on LeBron.

What did I miss?

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