Tom Perriello and the Efficacy Angle

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Much of the political advertising from Democratic incumbents this year has hinged on one central argument: Democrats are delivering — and best poised to deliver in the future — for their districts. Notably Harry Reid, in his opening spot and “no one can do more” tag line, and Blanche Lincoln, in her effort to put her Agriculture Committee chairmanship front and center, have followed this formula. There are certainly exceptions, especially among greener Dems who have tried to rely on their newcomer status to run against Washington. (Michael Bennet’s ads come to mind.)

But Freshman Rep. Tom Perriello, fighting one of this cycle’s marquee House races in VA-05, is definitely taking the efficacy angle. His opening spot mixes it up with some humor, but basically goes the same route as Reid et al.: Laser-like focus on bringing home jobs, lots of in-district shots and the obligatory hard hats.