Feds Shelve Security Project

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A few month ago I posted a piece I wrote about a controversial proposal to construct a federal anti-terrorism training center on a rural patch of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. At the time, opponents of the project–which was to receive at least $70 million in stimulus funding and provide hundreds of jobs–seemed locked in an uphill battle. But today they won their fight. In the face of virulent opposition from not-in-my-backyard locals, environmental groups and Senate Republicans, federal officials announced today that they are abandoning the plan to construct the sprawling FASTC facility in Queen Anne’s County. According to Jay Falstad, one of the locals spearheading the battle against the FASTC facility, Sen. Barbara Mikulski — originally a staunch supporter of the project — traveled to Ruthsburg to deliver the news. No replacement site has been selected, although Maryland pols are still hoping the facility will be built elsewhere in the state.