Morning Must Reads: The Mission

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Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

–Obama and McChrystal are meeting face-to-face this morning and the administration’s full AfPak team will convene shortly thereafter.

–More consequential than any personnel decision is the overall direction of the war.

–McChrystal is reportedly telling administration officials he’s “compromised the mission.”

–The Washington Post ed board argues his dismissal would do just that.

–Eliot Cohen writes he has to go.

–Bill Kristol more or less agrees.

–Tim Geithner and Larry Summers lay out Obama’s agenda at the upcoming G20 economic summit in Toronto. Much of what they sketch out is long term thinking — stabilizing debt-to-GDP ratios, energy reform, etc. — but they notably give a nod to China’s currency move and emphasize the need for international agreement on capital requirements for the financial sector.

–Financial reform conference committee continues today at 1 p.m. ET. A measure exempting auto-dealers from consumer finance oversight is on tap, but it’s other exemptions that pose a greater risk to the overall potency of the bill. The importance of Scott Brown’s vote and his requested carve-outs for Massachusetts insurance and asset management companies could compromise the Volcker Rule.

–South Carolina Rep. Bob Inglis fell to primary challenger Trey Gowdy in last night’s runoff, the third House incumbent to be unseated so far this cycle.

–Nikki Haley won her runoff without breaking a sweat.

–And John McCain is really loving this J.D. Hayworth infomercial:

What did I miss?

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