Morning Must Reads: Riddled

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White House

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

–A National Journal Insiders Poll finds 91% of the Democrats surveyed said unemployment is a greater political liability than government spending and 54% of Republicans agreed.

–The cut down “tax extenders” bill was nonetheless stymied again last night in the Senate.

–Cap-and-trade is dead for now, and a big question mark hangs over what kind of energy bill Democrats want to pursue.

–Rahm Emanuel, Timothy Geithner and other administration officials got an update from Barney Frank and Chris Dodd last night on the ongoing negotiations to merge House and Senate financial reform bills. Meanwhile, it looks like Susan Collins measure on capital requirements may survive mostly in tact despite House resistance and the Fed audit has been filled out a bit.

–The DISCLOSE Act, a campaign finance transparency measure designed by Democrats to push back on the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, runs the risk of becoming riddled with exceptions. Speaker Pelosi has yanked the bill for now.

–Tom Perriello sticks up for the NRA.

–Iowa governor Chet Culver, his re-election bid in deep trouble, goes negative out of the gate against former Republican governor Terry Branstad.

–Sharron Angle meets the press and a “term that can’t be repeated” gets uttered.

What did I miss?

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