Morning Must Reads: “Whose Ass to Kick”

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White House

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

–It’s Super Duper Primary Tuesday with contests in 12 states coast to coast including run-offs in Arkansas and Georgia.

— A Washington Post/ABC News poll finds only 29% of Americans plan to support their representative in November. Maybe that’s why turnout is expected to be low today in California, Nevada and New Jersey.

–Tom Jensen marvels at West Coast disdain for politicians.

Mike Allen hears Dems expect Lincoln to lose. A Sharron Angle victory in Nevada would boost Reid and alter Senate calculus. Despite some scares, Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina look like winners in California.

–Nikki Haley, who is poised to lock up the Republican gubernatorial nomination in South Carolina, had little name recognition and trailed badly in the polls a few months ago. The story of her victory may focus on the high-profile endorsements and salacious closing weeks, but her success likely has more to do with a rejection of the establishment candidates (AG Henry McMaster, Rep. Gresham Barrett) and a reaffirmation of the Sanford ideological legacy.

Outrage isn’t really Obama’s strong suit:

–Clive Crook doesn’t see a need for it:

The view seems to be that staying calm in a crisis is all very well, except in a crisis. Then, the president must radiate rage and fear, pretend to direct operations, race about uselessly, weeping and hugging as he goes, doing stuff that will not help and might make things worse.

–USA Today reports a scary trend.

Linsdey Graham says he’ll go to the mattresses against an energy bill (this year).

–A tainted company that could eventually go on the market: BP. A tainted company that’s already on the market: Blackwater/Xe.

What did I miss?