Morning Must Reads: “I’m on it, OK?”

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No hard assurances yet that “top kill” will work, but man-in-charge Thad Allen sounds cautiously optimistic this latest method may work to stop the flood of BP oil into the Gulf of Mexico. For President Obama, taking heavy criticism for not being involved enough in the situation, a political disaster could be averted by a quick end to the crisis. He’s headed to the Gulf today but Karen thinks he bungled his press conference on the spill. Karl Rove takes the plunge and says the spill is “Obama’s Katrina.”

–The Gulf disaster is personal to people in Louisiana who regard the coastline, the fish and the wetlands as their sacred backyard. BP, not wanting too many hearts to be touched by the sight of dead birds and oily beaches, isn’t exactly welcoming news photographers to document the environmental damage so far. But this image is just as powerful – Rep. Charlie Melancon, of Louisiana, completely overcome with emotion talking about the environmental effects of the oil spill at a hearing.

–Public support for offshore drilling is, um, fading.

–BP says it’s spent nearly $1 billion on the mess so far. Is this a lot?

–Yesterday, the House passed a measure that would allow the Pentagon to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. The Senate Arms Services Committee voted to do the same.

–Will Folks, who claims he had an affair with South Carolina gubertnatorial candidate Nikki Haley, now appears to be torturing her, letting further allegations drip, drip, drip out every day.

–Harry Reid might not be a dead duck after all.

–Grim stat: 1,000 U.S. military personnel have now been killed in Afghanistan, according to the AP.

–Does the White House plan to take the Sestak mess out with the Friday garbage?

–Huffington Post, whose business model is built around writing summaries of other reporters’ work, claims its design has been ripped of by Talking Points Memo. It sent this image to bloggers yesterday.

–Despite poor reviews, Sex and the City 2 tickets are selling like half-priced cosmos on a Saturday night in Manhattan.

–And Willie Nelson has done something awful.