An Upset Brewing in Utah?

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Utah’s GOP holds its convention tomorrow, and Sen. Bob Bennett is in serious trouble. I have a piece on what’s behind Bennett’s plight here. There have been a number of stories on this topic, and many of them have pointed to Wyden-Bennett, TARP or the senator’s decision to renege on a term limits pledge as the cause of his potential downfall. Others have argued he’s the first casualty of the anti-incumbent wave that will wash away other Republicans deemed too moderate. (Although Bennett is hardly moderate; he’s been a staunch conservative by nearly any measure.) All of these are probably factors, but as one source put it to me, Utah’s primary system is so strange that you can’t extrapolate too much from the results. In the end, if Bennett gets ousted tomorrow the state’s peculiar nominating process will likely have been as critical a reason as any.