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Time is a Left-Wing Rag

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…or so most of my recent emails keep saying. So, why, then, did we name weepy paranoid-infotainer Glenn Beck to the Time 100? And more to the point, why did we have Her Know-nothingness Sarah Palin (Another honoree!) write about the wingnut blubber? Well, they are influential, which is all that matters here. And they deserve their due, by people who agree with them…I suppose. But it must be said: the America they claim to represent is not only a fantasy, but a third-rate, mingy, boring, hate-filled “Christian” place. (I placed “Christian” in quotes because the Jesus of the Sermon on the Mount would have been appalled by the inhumane exclusivity of that obnoxious claim.) I hope Glenn and Sarah come to the Time 100 dinner next week and meet some of the cosmopolitian, intellectual, multi-racial and hopey-changey folks assembled there from all over the world. They may learn a thing or two.

Meanwhile, here’s my contribution to the Time 100, a mini-profile of the estimable Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Mike Mullen.