Nancy Pelosi Talks Process

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On ABC’s This Week Sunday morning, the House speaker lays out a process.

Well, let me say I have this in three — just so you know, how we sequence this. First, we zero in on what the policy will be, and that is what we’ll be doing following the president’s summit yesterday.

Secondly, we’ll see what the Senate can do. What is the substance? What is the Senate prepared to do? And then we’ll go to the third step as to what my — my members will vote for.

This tracks. On CNN’s State of the Union, Pelosi was a bit more obtuse:

There isn’t a bill. When we have a bill, which we will in a matter of days, then that is the bill that we can sell. Our bill, the House and the Senate bill, had some major differences which we’re hoping now to reconcile.

And then when we have a bill — as I say, you can bake the pie, you can sell the pie, but you have to have a pie to sell. And when we do, we will take it out there.

I feel very confident about what is in there, because if you are concerned about having access to health care, as most Americans are around their kitchen tables, then they will have access to health care.