Midday Reads

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–A CNN poll finds 67 percent of Americans say congressional Republicans aren’t doing enough to foster bipartisanship, and they are about split on whether Obama is reaching out in good faith. It seems highly improbable tomorrow’s kabuki health reform summit moves the needle.

Greg Sargent argues that in the end, voters are more likely to blame the ruling party for gridlock and it is Democrats who bear more risk at the summit.

–On a similar note, Ezra Klein says a well-executed compromise would likely lead to a net loss in votes.

Eric Cantor insists the votes aren’t there in the House anyway.

Sheryl Gay Stolberg takes a look at Obama’s powers of persuasion in today’s Times and finds he’s more mind-over-matter than arm-twister when it comes to whipping up votes.

Mike Allen reports on the preliminary framework taking shape for Obama’s re-election effort. The broad strokes: Jim Messina, White House deputy chief of staff and 2008 campaign vet, would likely manage the effort from Chicago. Message guru David Axelrod might depart Washington to focus solely on the campaign, while other Obama confidantes such as Robert Gibbs and Valerie Jarret remain at the White House.

–Yesterday’s CBO report on stimulus performance seems like vindication for Democrats, estimating 1 million to 2.1 million jobs created in the fourth quarter of 2009. What appears to be missing is a victory lap from the White House — or at least an effort to talk about it. Chief Economist Jared Bernstein slapped up a post on the “Recovery Blog” at 8 pm last night, but I haven’t heard much else. No statement from the president or Christina Romer TV tour. With polls still showing a huge amount of public skepticism on the Recovery Act, I don’t know what they are waiting for.

GM disputes some claims in Romney’s book.

–And finally, Scott Brown’s jobs bill vote draws praise from the Globe and ire from El Rushbo.

UPDATE: I almost forgot to mention this gem (regrettably) from my alma mater: “Ethics in Politics: An evening with Former Governor Rod Blagojevich.”