Morning Must Reads

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–It looks like the White House feels they have forged enough consensus on health reform to confirm that details of a plan will be posted early next week. The deal reportedly consists of a reconciliation package that follows the basic framework of the House and Senate bills. However, many Democrats in Congress say they haven’t seen it, and the fate of some contentious measures such as the public option and the excise tax remains in the air.

–This New York Times Paterson profile might seem more damning if it hadn’t been so over-hyped. And it’s not like his prospects for surviving a primary were looking too good anyway.

–Romney’s campaign book tour details are out, and it’s a beast. As I said before, the former governor is singularly focused on 2012. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, another presidential hopeful, addresses CPAC today. It’s a key opportunity for him to raise a national profile that currently lags behind some of the bigger names in the field.

–Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak charges the Obama administration sought a quid pro quo to get him to drop his primary challenge against Arlen Specter. The White House denies.

–Newsweek gets a hold of Henry Paulson’s new book and it is not kind to the GOP.

–And finally, The Economist blames Obama for D.C. dysfunction and Ed Kilgore imagines a Washington worse off without him.

What did I miss?