Morning Must Reads

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–Bill Clinton has been released from the hospital and doctors say his prognosis is “excellent.”

–Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy, the late Ted Kennedy’s youngest son, has announced he won’t seek a ninth term in office. It would be the first time in almost 50 years a member of the Kennedy clan is not serving in Congress. He is the 14th Democrat in the House to step aside this cycle.

–There is a lot to unpack in the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. As with other recent surveys, the numbers show a public seriously disenchanted with Washington. With wide majorities in both the House and Senate, Democrats have more to lose in an anti-incumbent environment. But the Times points out that although the popularity of Obama and his policies is by no means through the roof, they still mostly poll ahead of the alternatives. This supports the notion that Democrats should avoid a referendum on their performance and draw comparisons to their opponents if they want to minimize losses in November. And, as Michael points out, the poll provides a stark example of how a question’s wording can affect the answer.

–Despite the snow, Senators were busy bees Thursday. They confirmed 27 Obama appointees nominees, introduced legislation on everything from punishing human rights violations in Iran to curbing the filibuster, and, as Jay notes, managed to deliver a bipartisan jobs bill and kill it, all in one day.

–The previously mentioned Dan Coats has taken that crucial first step in launching any campaign: He has moved to the state in which he is seeking public office.

–And finally, Nate Silver says Democrats don’t know where to go from here and Ezra Klein doesn’t blame Rahm.

What did I miss?