Morning Must Reads

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Hey Swamplanders. As Karen mentioned, I’m going to be chipping in around here. One of the things I plan on doing is a daily “Morning Must Reads” post to share a few things that we’re currently following. Here is its maiden voyage:

–Consistent with the tenor of past health reform negotiations, Republican leadership and the White House have managed to reach an impasse a full two weeks before the televised super summit is scheduled to happen.

–New York Governor David Paterson is denying allegations of misconduct and chastising the media for “callous and sleazy” character attacks as rumors of a New York Times “bombshell” swirl. His pleas do not appear to have moved the Post or Daily News.

–John Brennan, Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser, pushes back hard against criticism of the administration’s handling of the Abdulmutallab arrest in an op-ed for USA Today. He does not call out Republicans by name, but it’s no secret who has drawn his ire.

–David Brooks dubs the Obama White House the “House of Tranquility,” perhaps attempting to dispute Saturday Night Live’s recent Rahm Emanuel exclusive.

–And finally, the political world remembers John Murtha.

What did I miss?