In The Spotlight, Paul Ryan Faces A Purity Test

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It’s been a good couple weeks for Rep. Paul Ryan, the rising Republican star from Wisconsin, as his name is increasingly becoming synonymous with actual Republican policy. Obama called Ryan’s budget plan a “serious proposal,” while Ezra Klein calls it a “radical document.” (As Joe notes below, Ryan’s rising star has been targeted by House Democrats.) You can read the thing here. Or watch Obama discuss it here:

But Ryan’s star has some rough edges, according to some conservatives. On a few key votes, they argue, he has not been conservative enough. Matt Lewis, in the Daily Caller, lays out the case.

Though he talks like Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman, some of Ryan’s most high-profile votes seem closer to Keynes than to Adam Smith. For example, in the span of about a year, Ryan committed fiscal conservative apostasy on three high-profile votes: The Troubled Asset Relief Program, or  TARP (whereby the government purchased assets and equity from financial institutions), the auto-bailout (which essentially implied he agrees car companies – especially the ones with an auto plant in his district—are too big to fail), and for a confiscatory tax on CEO bonuses (which essentially says the government has the right to take away private property—if it doesn’t like you).

Michelle Malkin agrees. It will be interesting to watch how this develops. Read Lewis’s entire piece here.