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Let’s Vote!

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Hmm. TPM reports some interest by House Democrats in getting a roll-call vote on Republican Congressman Paul Ryan’s incredibly fabulous plan to privatize Medicare and Social Security, while giving Seniors a fraction of the benefits they now receive. This is a Republican idea that truly needs to be taken seriously, an opportunity to see just how many Republicans are in favor of shredding the social safety net for senior citizens–an opportunity to see how many Republicans support their own “ideas.” ( A bit of context: Ryan’s plan was celebrated at the Republican retreat that President Obama attended last week.)

So, by all means, let’s give the Republicans a chance to show how concerned they are about social policy and budget deficits. Let’s Vote!

By the Way: On a related note, in response to Karen’s and Kate’s posts below, the purpose of a White House summit on health care–as Kate writes–would not be to “get things done.” The summit is a political tactic. The purpose is to further demonstrate the President’s willingness to “listen” to ideas like the Ryan plan–which can be taken apart easily in a televised meeting–and the GOP’s unwillingness to support any sort of compromise at all on health care.