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The Cape Wind Farm

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As a once and future resident of Massachusetts, can I just say that the opposition to the Cape Cod Wind Farm, in Nantucket Sound, is one of the most blatant cases of NIMBYism I’ve ever seen–and all the more so, because it has been led by a host of progressives, particularly members of the Kennedy family, including the faux enviro Robert F. Kennedy Jr. This is the sort of hypocrisy that conservatives feast upon.

I’m terribly sorry that the wind farm will spoil their sunrises and turn their sailing into slalom, but this is alternative energy we’re talking about here. It’s a no brainer and I hope Interior Secretary Ken Salazar will put an end to the slow-walk forthwith. (And I’d be happy to welcome a second wind farm over on my side of the Cape, in Cape Cod Bay.)

Update: Commenter Pafro points out below that the opposition to the wind farm is bankrolled, in large part, by fossil fuel baron Bill Koch. I should have included that above, but you’ll excuse my  fixation on the alternative fuel advocates, like the Kennedys, who turned tail when the alternative was placed in their backyard.