Note to Harold Ford: Get Your Story Straight

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Yikes. Stephen Colbert is getting credit for shredding Harold Ford on his show last night–and he was skillful at trying to pin down the would-be New York Senate candidate. But most of Ford’s wounds were self-inflicted. (Video after the jump.)

Among those Ford managed to insult in under six minutes:

  • His opponent, current Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, whom Ford referred to as a “young lady.” Southern courtliness? Not when the lady in question is already being knocked for sounding girlish.
  • Church-goers (especially African-Americans), when Ford blamed his previous opposition to gay marriage on growing up in the church. Note to Ford: not all Christians think homosexuality is wrong or oppose gay rights. And didn’t you run a campaign ad in 2006 that featured you walking through your childhood church and bragging about the values you learned there?
  • The intelligence of every voter–pro-life and pro-choice–when Ford insisted that he never thought of himself as “pro-life,” even when he was voting to support abortion restrictions. I’m not sure why Ford doesn’t just acknowledge his changed position, a la Mitt Romney. This approach definitely isn’t working for him.

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