In the Arena

Mass. Reverie

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I have spent a good part of my life in Massachusetts and I just love the place, especially Cape Cod. One of the things I love most about Mass is that people take baseball and politics very seriously there–the way people take college football down south, the way people take money on Wall Street and celebrity in Hollywood.

I haven’t spent a minute in Massachusetts during this campaign. Karen’s on top of things there. But I do know this: It is probably impossible to get elected Senator if you call former Red Sox star Curt Schilling–he of the bloody sock–a Yankees fan. Where on earth did the Democrats–who, sadly, aside from Kennedy and Kerry (and my sparring partner of forty years, Barney Frank), are a bunch of crumb-bums–dig up this Martha Coakley?

I mean, wickid lame. Gonzo lame. Am I right, boyos? Just sayin’.