Haiti Dispatch

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I’m posting this for our colleague Jay Newton-Small. It arrived by email at 5:39 a.m.:

En route overland from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to Haiti
I’m on assignment for TIME heading to earthquake-stricken Haiti. Word is emerging of a strong aftershock this morning. I was meant to embed with the USS Vinson but, having missed the flight from Holmstead Reserve Airforce Base to Gitmo- where they’re parking the embeds until the Vinson gets into position- I ended up on a flight to Santo Domingo. Luckily, I’ve hooked up with a group from Adra, an Adventist charity that has been working in Haiti for decades. I will file updates as I can, though there’s no power, water, food, medical supplies or gas in Haiti (we stole all the toilet paper, tissues and soaps from our hotel before pulling out before dawn) and our blackberries and cells will only work, we’re told, till the border. Jay

Stay safe, Jay, and we will look forward to your reports as you can deliver them.