Perhaps The Last Word On Pat Roberston, Haiti

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The White House is speechless. Pat Robertson is clarifying. But fellow evangelical pastor Rick Warren has perhaps the final word on the matter, via Twitter:

Labeling any natural disaster as God’s judgment is nonsense. True “judgment begins with God’s family” 1Peter4:17, not others

UPDATE: Warren, for his part, has responded to the Haiti tragedy like a true Christian, by offering to mud wrestle comedian Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute from The Office) on Pay-Per-View for Haiti-related charities. No joke. The Twitter exchange after the jump. 

Wilson, who has been tweeting on Haiti relief efforts, got the attention of Warren, who tweeted.

@rainnwilson Thanks for your note,your follow & RT & your care 4 Haiti.Our PEACE Plan is there.You’re the funniest guy onTV

Then Wilson responded.

Wanna wrestle sometime? RT Thx 4 yr note,yr follow & RT & yr care 4 Haiti.Our PEACE Plan is there.Yr the funniest guy onTV (via @RickWarren)

Then Warren tweeted.

@rainnwilson Rainn,sure, if in mud,on PPV & proceeds go to help Haiti! @rainnwilson Rick,wanna wrestle sometime?