The CIA Announces Further Changes To Respond To Intel Failure

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This statement was distributed Thursday by George Little, a spokesman for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Before the Detroit incident, the CIA collected and shared information about Abdulmutallab with other agencies.  The CIA has taken a close look at how we can do even more to support our government’s efforts to disrupt terrorist plots.  On January 5, Director Leon Panetta instructed the agency to implement a series of measures immediately, including:

1. The CIA will formally disseminate information on suspected extremists and terrorists within 48 hours;

2. The CIA will expand name traces on possible extremists and terrorists;

3. The CIA will review information on individuals from countries of concern to determine whether the agency should recommend changes to their status on US government watch-lists; and

4. The CIA will increase the number of analysts focused on Yemen and Africa, areas that have been of concern to the agency for a long time.