WH Party Crashers, Part Deux

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Yikes. As the Secret Service deals with the news that a third party crasher–in addition to the publicity-whoring couple who shall not be named–ended up at the White House state dinner in November, perhaps the security service might want to consider consulting with some professionals. Like whoever reconfigured the guest list checking procedures for the Bloomberg after-party following the White House Correspondents Dinner.

After years of impersonating famous people’s wives getting into the bash totally legitimately, I got turned away at the front gate last spring by those darn Bloomberg girls and their Official Clipboards. I even spotted them giving Peter Orszag a hard time. Clipboards with guest lists–it’s genius!

But seriously–this is a mite disturbing, no? The fact that the uninvited guests passed through metal detectors is only mildly reassuring in the post-24 era. We’ve seen Jack Bauer kill or maim countless baddies with whatever object happened to be close at hand.

At some point, this stops looking like a few hiccups on opening night and more like a serious security breakdown.