Another Twitter Marvel: Cory Booker, Shovelling Mayor

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On New Year’s eve, at 6:53 a.m., Newark Mayor Cory Booker responded, via Twitter, to a complaint about snow removal.

We are out now hitting the streets. RT @barbieblack88 @CoryBooker when are they going to start cleaning up this snow!

Four minutes later, Ravie Rave, an Internet radio talk show host who is one of Booker’s more than 1 million followers, posted the following note on her Twitter account.

@CoryBooker Can you send someone over to my dad’s house? I know he is going to try and shovel. he is 65! I am at work or i would do it.

At 7:02 a.m., Booker responded.

I will do it myself where does he live? RT @BigSixxRaven Can u send someone over 2 my dad’s? He’s going 2 try & shovel. he’s 65

Ravie Rave, who now has just 255 followers, told him. Ten minutes later, Booker announced that he was on his way.

Please @BigSixxRaven don’t worry bout ur dad. Just talked 2 him & I’ll get 2 his Driveway by noon. I’ve got salt, shovels & great volunteers

CNN has the rest of the story.

Twenty minutes after reading the first tweet, Booker knocked on the father’s door with a shovel in hand. He even had volunteers pitch in to help after seeing the conversation on Twitter.

Once the driveway was cleared, Rave tweeted back to Booker.

“My daddy is a happy man,” she wrote. “He took pictures of his Mayor shoveling his driveway! lol”