In the Arena


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Let me echo Karen’s sentiments below about Josh Tyrangiel. He is one of the very finest editors I’ve ever worked for. He’s a pure, gut-bucket, instinctively brilliant journalist, who helped enormously with the pieces I wrote here and also in the print edition. He was especially good at helping me to figure out the right questions to ask and, when I needed to kick things around, the best way to theme and structure a piece. He’s interested in just about everything. He’s a fine writer. I’ll never forget the lead to his Dixie Chicks cover story: “Natalie Maines is one of those people who was born middle-finger first.”

He’s a fellow graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, a fellow American Civ major. And he’s young enough to be my son.

I’m stunned and upset by his decision to leave. It pains me to wish him the best. But I do, even though I know that he doesn’t need my wishes. If this guy doesn’t go on to become the finest editor of his generation, I will be shocked.