Au Revoir

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In French when one bids a more permanent goodbye to a friend you say adieu – farewell. But if you shall see them again, even if it might be a while, you tell them au revoir or bon voyage – until we meet again and good travels. I want to add my thanks and best wishes to TIME deputy managing editor Josh Tyrangiel. Like Amy, Josh hired me and I owe to him my new found appreciation of adjectives and adverbs, similes and metaphors.

So it is with no small sense of irony that I bid Josh bon voyage to the company from which he took me: Bloomberg. Well, not exactly Bloomberg, but BusinessWeek, the newest division of the borg – er, company. (Did I mention resistance is futile?) In all seriousness, if anyone can convince Matt Winkler the importance of color, style and the word but (which happens to be banned from Bloomberg wire copy) – it’s Josh.

We shall not wish Josh adieu though he leaves us next week. Let us say au revoir and hope to see him again when he finishes his terminal training (don’t worry, Josh, it’s only three weeks and yes, you really do have to hit enter, 1, enter to send all e-mails). It’s a sad day for all of us at TIME Inc. to be losing a valued colleague and friend but as an eager future employee of Josh’s put it in an e-mail to me today: your loss, our gain. They have no idea how big a gain it is. We’ll miss you.