BREAKING NEWS: Bill Clinton Ringtone Mystery Solved

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Alas, somewhat disappointingly.

A source close to Bill Clinton confirms that the cellphone call he received while talking to reporters in the Capitol was indeed from the Secretary of State. However, he informs us that the intriguing ringtone we heard this afternoon was a generic jazz one, which the former President picked because, well, he just likes jazz.

Mr. President, you can do better than that. As a country, we can do better than that.

Indeed, it’s time for a NEW Swampland commenter contest:

PICK A RINGTONE FOR BILL CLINTON (And include a link if you can.)

I’ll get things started with this one.

UPDATE: And if Johnny Cash is not your style, well, we have some other suggestions:


Amy Winehouse

Guns n Roses

Bon Jovi